Jungle Scout: The Complete Description

Jungle scout app is an app which is launched with the purpose of providing online solutions for products tracking by the users. It works as a product related research tool and is extensively used by the Amazon sellers.save 50% using jungle scout discount code 2019, it monitoring the sales data of the competitor, exploring the product ideas and opportunities, or calculating the FBA fees or its estimates, Jungle Scout does it all.

Features of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an app which can be very useful to the users and ease their experience. Following are the features of this app-

  • It has a review tracker which can help track all the ratings and reviews.
  • It has a tool for export data
  • It has a product as well as competitor tracking tool using which keeping a tab on both becomes easy.
  • It can calculate the estimate of the FBA i.e. Fulfillment-By-Amazon fees.
  • The “keyword scout” tool and the Trends checker tool can be of immense help to the sellers.
  • “Product Opportunity” and “Niche Hunter” tool can be used by the sellers.
  • Search filter option can simplify the process of searching
  • Sales estimates tool helps in calculation of the estimates

Advantages of using Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout app can be of great use to the sellers as it simplifies the process of product research. Following are the basic advantages of using Jungle Scout app-

  • Discovering new opportunities and products on Amazon has become easy due to this app. The insights of the sales data and the product tracking tools are some of the best features of this app. It is much better in these respects than the other competitor apps in the market.
  • The sign up process on Jungle Scout is very easy. One can start the process of product search right away. The whole user experience is made easy for the users due to the self-explanatory feature of the app. Whether it is setting filters, negative keywords, or choosing categories, the user does not get confused due to the lucid explanation of these features.
  • The product research tools of Jungle Scout are much more effective and accurate than the old counterparts. Due to this, the time-consuming tasks like narrowing down the sales volume and the average of the competitor price does not go in vain.
  • While the basic FAQs are answered on it, a seller can also seek the help of the experts by contacting them on the email to the team.
  • Additional Information  Jungle Scout’s app plans have different limits with respect to product tracking or user tracking. While the ‘Entrepreneur’ plan is accessible by a single user only, the plans such as ‘Growing Business’ or ‘High Volume Seller’ are accessible by users numbering three to six. Similarly, in the former plan, the product tracking limit is 40, whereas it is in the range of 80 to 150 in the later ones.